The State of Texas Children (SOTC) annual data book is part of the KIDS COUNT Project, a national and state-by-state effort to track the well-being of children. Texas KIDS COUNT provides data on more than 70 measures of child well being and is a resource to help create, implement, and encourage good policy and effective services to better the lives of Texas children. We want to provide conversation starters for policymakers, families at the dinner table, and colleagues at the workplace. We hope you will use the data to tell the story of your community and bring about positive change.

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The State of Texas Children 2012 annual data book

This year's data book explores how our kids have fared during the last decade--some outcomes are positive, some negative. But positive or negative outcomes for kids don't just happen. They are the inevitable results of effective or failed policy choices. The State of Texas Children 2012 combines data and policy to tell the story of Texas kids. It's time we learn from our past choices, positive and negative, so that we can shape a different story for our future.

Download the 2012 report or view the virtual publication. View the PowerPoint or a video of the April 5, 2012 release event in San Antonio.

The KIDS COUNT Data Center

All of the indicators the Texas KIDS COUNT project tracks, including those not published in this report, as well as data from the National KIDS COUNT project are housed on the Data Center. From you can:

  • Rank states, Texas counties, the 50 largest cities in the U.S., and Congressional Districts on key indicators of child wellbeing;
  • Create a customized data profile for your county;
  • Generate your own customized maps and trend lines that show how Texas children are faring and use them in presentations and publications;
  • Feature maps and graphs on your own website or blog that are automatically updated when new data is uploaded; and
  • View and share data quickly and easily anytime and anywhere with the enhanced mobile site for smart phones.